Founder of Top Notch Fitness

Mehdi Dalili
Founder/Owner of Top Notch Fitness


Mehdi is a 37-year-old entrepreneur and athlete. He founded his first sports club at the age of 21 and has been fully dedicated to the fitness business for the past 16 years. He owned and managed two successful sports clubs in his former hometown. After many championships in Asia and Europe In 2015, he earned third place in his first US competition, The Arnold Classic Fitness Model Competition. Soon after, he was awarded the Overall prize from the UNBA Federation and received his pro card, which gained him a spot in the Mr. Olympia competition. After his back to back successes, he decided to stay in the US and open a new sports club in Orange County, California. Mehdi has long-term fitness experience and is certified in fitness training. His mission is to open a fitness center that is not only focused on weight loss but a whole-body approach and enhanced lifestyle. He is a master of designing nutrition plans for his clients and showing them how to transform their bodies and increase their energy levels by following the best meal plan based on their body type. Read our founder latest article at Canvas Rebel and Bold Journey Magazine.