Jessica H.
San Jose, CA
After three kids, Covid, and three years of not working out regularly it was time to get back into shape and take ownership of my health. Came in one day on the advice of my kids’ preschool teacher and decided to try this TNF fitness challenge that they were offering in October.
After doing nothing in any form of exercise for three plus years I was able to complete and win the fitness challenge, become stronger, and embrace exercising again.
Top Notch is a great place to work out. Clean facilities and wonderful instructors who care about you making sure exercises/movements are done properly preventing injury. The owners Sepi and Mehdi take great pride in their gym making it inclusive to everyone creating a team and family atmosphere.
Mie M.
Irvine, CA
I’ve been perusing Yelp reviews to find a gym/workout class that feels like a place I could grow at. I needed it to fit 3 criteria: the clientele needed to be diverse where I didn’t feel like the “other”, the coaches needed to know what they’re doing (right cues, cares about form), and the energy needed to feel welcoming and inviting. A friend of mine posted about her workout at TopNotch which was the perfect excuse to give it a go. To my delight – it hit allll the marks! The music is so hype you’ll be forced to squeeze out more reps. Mehdi, Sepi, all the coaches bring good energy and I love that they goof around, and lastly the crowd is diverse which really makes it feel like an environment where people come together to just workout and have fun. Everyone is encouraging, too! It’s super easy to walk way having engaged with at least 3-4 people by the time you finish your workout.
Definitely recommend this place. First class is free — but beware — you’ll get addicted!
Shiva R.
Irvine, CA
Top-notch has amazing coaches and programs. Me and my 17 yrs old daughter going here since last year and they are amazing. We have started their meal program and unlimited sessions. I’ve tried a lot of places for my daughter but Top notch is a family-owned gym and they care about you as a family.
Definitely recommend this place. First class is free — but beware — you’ll get addicted!
Troy P.
Tustin, CA
After finding Top Notch Fitness on one of the many fitness apps out there, I was hooked. I am now an unlimited pass holder and dont think I will ever go back to one of those cookie cutter chain gyms ever again. If I want to lift alone and set my own routine, the owners Medhi and Sepi always take time out of their busy schedules to let me into the gym and ALWAYS greet me with a genuine, enthusiastic hello! The gym is clean and diverse; however, the classes are where its at! I have noticed the look and strength of my body has improved dramatically as well as my mood and stamina throughout the day. I am an experienced weight lifter, but all experiences are welcome and the trainers are focused on form over everything. What I love about the classes is if you attend Monday-Friday its the perfect split routine to challenge you and move you closer to your goals. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS AND GET RIPPED AT THE SAME TIME, COME TO TOP NOTCH!
Definitely recommend this place. First class is free — but beware — you’ll get addicted!
Kaylee B.
Santa Ana, CA
About 9 months ago I moved and was in desperate need of a new gym and BOY did I make the best decision coming into Top Notch. The gym is one of the cleanest gyms I’ve ever been in and is SO atheistically pleasing! Not only that but the owners and coaches are the BEST. I’m greeted every single time with huge smiles and I never feel uncomfortable during a workout because they are always willing to provide the best advice or even simpler moves for the ones I can’t do. The clients and community who come to class have all been coming for years and have become such great friends. I’ve lost so much weight and have gained muscle in the best ways possible. I’ll for sure be sticking to top notch the rest of my life.
Melissa K.
Irvine, CA
From the first time I set foot into this gym, I have felt this amazing family vibe. As a personal trainer myself, the ownership of the gym is so important and Mehdi and Sepi are not just some of the best trainers I’ve had, but just incredibly genuine, hard-working, and encouraging people. I have learned so much from them, and I love working out at Top Notch. If you’re looking for a strong community with excellent training, this is one of the best places I’ve been to.
Karen H.
Lake Forest, CA
TNF combines all the one on one advantages of personal training into a group class environment, which is ultimately why they are the #1 gym in all of Orange County. The owners and primary trainers, Medhi and Sepi, truly tries to understand the goals of their members and takes their time in planning different variances in daily/weekly workouts.

Unlike many franchised gyms around OC, TNF trainers pay close attention to each individual to teach/correct form and provide that extra motivation to ensure we push thru that “one more rep” mentality.

If you’re looking for a clean, family friendly and motivational gym with owners/trainers who cares about your goals/success then TNF is the right place for you. Highly recommended!!

Carlee D.
Huntington Beach, CA
I’ve been a member of a couple gyms in the past but there’s nothing quite comparable to finding a gym that you get to call home…I found that at topnotch. Almost a year later and the gym just keeps getting better, the workouts are challenging, fun and completely customized every week. If you are looking for knowledgeable caring trainers that take personal interest in each and every one of their clients, fun and challenging workouts, a motivating class atmosphere and a great group of people then you’ve come to the right place. I highly recommend this gym and have nothing but great things to say about the owners Mehdi and Sepi who make each member feel like family!